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Besenzoni LASCALA . Ladder with electric system

Besenzoni’s green technology revolution continues with the all-new Scala Elettrica, on public display for the first time ever at the Venice Boat Show from 29 May to 6 June 2021

Having LaScala, boarding and bathing ladder with electric system, means that there is no hydraulic control unit and therefore there is no oil in the system itself or in the engine room.
Furthermore, the use of potentially polluting materials such as plastic or rubber pipes is reduced.

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Thanks to LaScala the amount of energy used on board is reduced since the hydraulic power of the engine is not required.
Energy is optimised, since the electronic control panel uses less current to operate the ladder ,thereby avoiding excessive stress on the system or on the vessel. It can be operated with either a 12 Vdc or a 24 Vdc power supply.

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