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Predictwind Over the Horizon AIS – Vessels up to 300nm away

Predictwind, the world leading weather information, forecasting and routing service have released an all new Over the Horizon AIS (OHA) feature on the DataHub. Users can view AIS data out to 300nm, directly on your chartplotter and nav apps, so you can sail safer.

Over the Horizon AIS (OHA) increases your AIS range from as low as 5nm to 300nm! If you are sailing at 10 kt using regular AIS and a container ship is sailing directly towards you at 25 kt, you only have 8.5 minutes to react and alter course. On the other hand, OHA would provide you with 8.5 hours warning time. Some chart plotters cannot display the full 300nm AIS range. For example, Garmin cuts off at 75nm.

The DataHub has access to the entire global AIS network via your existing internet connection and knows your exact gps location. It then downloads all OHA vessel positions within 300 nm of your current location.

The DataHub downloads the OHA data approximately once every minute. It is then converted into NMEA and shared to your vessel’s instrumentation over NMEA cable or WiFi. OHA targets are displayed on your nav display in the same way as regular AIS targets. When a vessel is located via VHF and OHA, only the VHF data will be displayed. OHA data can be downloaded via your existing satellite, cellular or Starlink internet connection.

OHA also works as a backup should your standard AIS receiver fail. Ensure you are never without AIS data, which is critical for collision avoidance, security, navigational safety and search and rescue

To get Over the Horizon AIS working on your boat you will need a DataHub, and a Professional PredictWind subscription.

Get 300nm AIS visibility now.


Buy DataHub $299

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