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VETUS electric drive

VETUS launches the E-LINE and E-POD electric propulsion solutions

VETUS has confirmed its return to the market of electric motors for navigation with the launch of two unique solutions for new-build boats as well as for “re-engines”: E-LINE and E-POD


According to a note received, VETUS is initially introducing two complete electric propulsion systems: the E-POD package, designed for installation at the stern of the boat, and the E-LINE range, which is ideal as a standard replacement for a bench-mounted diesel engine. .

The E-LINE and E-POD systems are the only electric propulsion solutions with “active engine braking”, providing optimal control of the boat, without delay, direct motion and full control.


Suitable as a solution to a remotorisation or for newly built boats, the E-LINE 48V packages are compact and efficient and allow a quiet and ecological navigation with exceptional maneuverability.

The E-LINE motor is equipped with a water-cooled 48V smart controller, specially developed for electric navigation, which allows the user to charge the battery bank with a 24V battery charger.

VETUS offers three models with a power output ranging from 5 kW to 10 kW and supplies the complete package customized for the boat, from shore to propeller, to provide the most efficient installation for customers.


The VETUS E-POD 7.5 kW 48V package is a compact electric propulsion system that includes propeller, capsule and propulsion, for smooth and quiet sailing with motor and sailboats up to about 25 feet. The specially designed closed propeller minimizes cavitation and improves effective thrust to increase efficiency, ensuring comfortable cruising at low speeds.

With no rotating or vibrating parts on board the boat, the all-in-one VETUS E-POD system operates noiselessly and simply mounts to the stern of the boat without the need for a shaft or other transmission components. The space required inside the boat is minimal.

Once the E-LINE or E-POD is installed, the only requirement is to connect the battery bank and the VCAN control wiring. VCAN cabling provides the reliability and flexibility to install the helm where it is desired, while the small number of components ensures that maintenance is minimal.

For both E-POD and E-LINE systems, speed has a great influence on range, using a specific battery pack. For example, based on a 7 meter (1,200 kg) sailboat with a usable battery capacity of 1.32 kWh (75% of 8 x 220 Ah AGM), the range is approximately 48 Nm at 2 knots, 20 Nm at 3 knots and 10 Nm at 4 knots.

The E-LINE and E-POD systems can be used in conjunction with a VETUS 48V BOW PRO bow or stern thruster connected to the same battery bank.

+ INFO about Vetus electrical systems here

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