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Garmin transducers. Less time to search and more time to fish

Less time to search and more time to fish with Garmin’s GT36UHD-TM and GT56UHD-TM transducers

Garmin launches the new GT36UHDTM and GT56UHD-TM transducers that offer ClearVü and SideVü ultra-high definition prospecting with greater range and with three frequencies – 455kHz, 800 kHz and 1000 kHz – for improved clarity.

Thanks to the precision, clarity and resolution of the data offered by the GT36 and GT56 transducers, fishermen will be able to do a broader fish tracking, and this will make the task much easier. search, thus giving them more time to fish.

Greater definition underwater

New to both transducers are compatible with high-definition CHIRP ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars, so you can see the structures and fish below and to the sides of the boat with 20% more range. In the case of SideVü, at a frequency of up to 1,000kHz, it can track up to 150 meters on each side of the ship. For its part, the GT56UHD-TM transducer also has a traditional CHIRP wide-angle sonar that is responsible for clearly scanning the separation of targets up to 244 meters below the boat.

More intense colors

The new transducers are also compatible with Garmin‘s new Vivid high-contrast survey technology color gamut, making it easier to distinguish fish from bottom structures, based on user preferences and fishing conditions. Adding the seven new Vivid colors, Garmin offers a range of 16 colors.

In addition to all their benefits, the GT36UHD-TM and GT56UHD-TM transducers are easy to install and feature mounting brackets for both the transom and the electric motor, thus adapting to the preferences of anglers. And although they can be purchased individually, Garmin also offers them in the new packages consisting of ECHOMAP UHD sv and ECHOMAP Ultra and the GT56 transducer.


Prices in €uros

GT36UHD PVP: 399.00

GT56UHD PVP: 449.00

ECHOMAP UHD 72 sv + GT56UHD : 1349.00

ECHOMAP UHD 92 sv + GT56UHD : 1499.00

ECHOMAP Ultra 102 sv + GT56UHD : 2349.00

ECHOMAP Ultra 122 sv + GT56UHD : 3249.00

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