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Global Solo Challenge – David Linger takes 6th place

Some of the pivotal moments of his circumnavigation were when he found himself passing a kidney stone at sea, breaking his boom just before Cape Horn, being forced to an unplanned stop in Ushuaia, and having to deal with a very severe storm north of the Falklands. David managed to overcome each difficult moment and successfully  achieved his dream.

David Linger – Koloa Maoli @globalsolochallenge


David’s journey was at times extremely difficult and even after arrival, he remained reluctant to say much about the storm he faced off the Argentine coast, a time he really had to dig deep to get through the worst. He was forced to heave-to, a maneuver to stop the boat in a storm with two small sails set on opposite tacks. However, wide boats like Class40s are not the best suited for this storm tactic and David must have lived through some long hours of apprehension.

The week before his arrival was quite challenging too, with lots of upwind sailing and slamming on waves. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday the wind went light and gave David a break. He arrived during a gorgeous sunny spring day with a bright blue sky and gentle winds.

David Linger, Lillian Kuhel @globalsolochallenge


I was on the Global Solo Challenge rib with his twin sister Kathryn and “little brother” Steve as well as his girlfriend Lillian and friend Bob. We enthusiastically went out quite early to go and meet him. The wind was light and we ended well ast the tower of Hercules, 7 miles out, thinking we’d have a pleasant stroll with him to the finish in the glorious sunshine. Just as we reached him, the thermal breeze picked up and David went from sailing at 5 knots to doing 8 or 9. Needless to say we got absolutely drenched trying to keep up with him with the wind blowing every wave over us in the rib.

However, spirits were high, David was back, everyone just laughed off the wet ride although it became quite tricky to keep the livestream going and taking photos. Only on approaching the finish line David was able to ease the sheets and sail nearly downwind giving us a calmer moment to see him celebrate his accomplishment with the traditional lighting of two red hand flares.

David Linger, IACH burgee (International association of Cape Horners)


Once at the dock he received the Global Solo Challenge trophy, sprayed the boat with champagne and received the International Association of Cape Horners burgee. His name will be added to the register of solo circumnavigators who had to stop for repairs such as  Sir Francis Chichester who first completed this voyage with a stop in 1967.

When chatting with David it was clear he had not yet fully grasped the magnitude of what he had achieved. When talking about it, however, you could see he was getting emotional. It will take him time to fully appreciate the scale of the challenge he has undertaken, this adventure will become part of him for the rest of his life.

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