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PEDAYAK, a kayak with pedals and propeller

PEDAYAK is a “hands-free” kayak, with pedals and propeller, fast, maneuverable, versatile, which due to its design and characteristics completely renews current kayak practice.

PEDAYAK an elaborate version of the “sit on top” kayak.

It has the same equipment in a small space as a real boat:
– A high performance propeller propulsion system.
– A steering system with bar and rudder. Their combination (the rudder is located just behind the propeller) allows surprising maneuverability and agility in this type of boat.

– It is 50% faster than an equivalent kayak.
– “Beach type”, the propeller and the rudder are protected by 2 lateral keels, and go to shallow areas, due to its Draft of 35 cm
– It can carry 1 or 2 additional light passengers of less than 40 kg.
– Can be equipped with a sail, making it a true sailing and motor boat

Has front and rear storage compartments, and for bottles, GPS

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