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FinS : the revolutionary engine without propellers and autonomy of +8 hours

FinS is the revolutionary engine without propellers and autonomy of 8 hours

FinX is the new navigation with bioinspired engines.

Observing the movement of marine animals, he imagined a fin to move the boats forward, in full harmony with nature.

From the port of Saint-Malo, the first units of the innovative Fin S engine set sail, with the ambitious mission of leading the transformation towards more sustainable navigation through the launch of its propellerless electric motor.


FinX positions itself in this context with an innovative proposal: outboard motors that, inspired by the natural movement of fish, promise a more harmonious interaction with aquatic ecosystems.

These electric motors use undulating membranes instead of traditional propellers, creating silent progress and minimizing the environmental impact on marine flora and fauna.

The FinS engine is designed specifically for light boats, combining efficiency and sustainability.
With a power of 4 HP (2 kW) and an autonomy of up to 8 hours at moderate speed, it promises to revolutionize short sea shipping.

In addition, work is already underway on the development of the Fin E, an even more powerful model intended for larger vessels.


Main features:

Simple Installation: Easily mounts to the stern of the boat using just two screws.

Safety: Offers greater safety compared to traditional propeller motors.

Energy efficiency: Its linear design consumes less energy, making it more efficient.

Weight and power: The FinS model weighs 20 kg and has a nominal power of 2 kW.

Battery: Incorporates a 48-volt, 72 Ah lithium battery, providing sufficient autonomy.

Speed and autonomy: It can reach up to 11 km/h at maximum power, with an autonomy of approximately 45 minutes. At 5 km/h, the autonomy extends up to eight hours, allowing you to travel between 19 and 39 km.

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