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New SUP YellowV boards

New SUP YellowV boards

The YellowV brand started as the idea of ​​a group of young enthusiasts, with a clear focus on making watersports accessible to all, and the drive to make it happen.

Inflatable Heartbeat boards guarantee fun for the whole family, with a range suitable for young and old.

The Heartbeat YellowV series combines modern graphics with a distinctive black high-quality PVC background. Double layer with drop stitching to be precise and guarantee many years of fun.

YellowV offers three models depending on their dimensions and characteristics:
Heartbeat 08 iSUP, Heartbeat 09 iSUP, Heartbeat 11 iSUP

Also, if you feel the need to have your own island this summer, YellowV offers you the solution with the YVIFPL8 platform. Dream about the soft 5mm EVA foam, work on your inner balance by practicing yoga on the comfortable non-slip layer, or turn the platform into a floating picnic table while you stand up paddle boarding with friends.



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