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Snipe Master Spanish Championship

Snipe Master Spanish Championship

Ángel Ballesteros and María del Mar Correa champions 

– Tiago Roquette and Miguel Cebolla win in the Master category
– Victory for Asturians José Palacio and María Palacio in Grand Master class
– The mythical Nano Belda participates in legend class

With a high level of competition and a very good atmosphere on land, the Snipe Master Spanish Championship ended today, which has brought together 45 of the best sailors over 45 years of age from Spain and Portugal during three days of competition, in which the duels in the water have been combined with activities on land.

One regatta, four categories

The participants have competed together but have been divided into four categories for classification: Junior – with a pattern between 45 and 54 years old -; Master’s degree – pattern between 55 to 64 years old -; Grand Master – from 65 to 74 years old and Legend Master, for skippers over 75 years old.

The tests at sea began on Friday with a day that ended in blank due to lack of conditions, after several off-lines and a test canceled by a role after the start. On Saturday the classification opened with the pair formed by Rafael de Tomás and Alexandre Tinocco in the lead, after two tests disputed with a not very intense and very shifty wind.

The Sunday the wind has blown from the southeast with an intensity of between 11 and 13 knots, allowing the completion of the program of two scheduled tests, which has left the general table with four disputed tests and the possibility of a discard.

Ballesteros and Correa, Junior champions

The regularity in the last three tests has given the final victory to the Andalusians Ángel Ballesteros Martínez de la Cámara and María del Mar Correa, from CN Motril, with a first, a seventh and a second and thanks to the possibility of discarding the 22nd place of the first test. Second place went to the duo Rafa de Tomás – Alexandre Tinocco, from RCN Valencia, with a consistent performance, and third place went to the Spanish-Portuguese duo formed by Tiago Roquette and Miguel Cebolla, who have also been proclaimed champions of Master class (employer over 55 years old). For their part, the Mallorcan Kai Dost and Jorge Díaz Valderas, fourth in the general table, have completed the podium in Junior class. The winning women’s team was formed by Marisa Arlandis and Germana Camarero from RCN Valencia.

Victoria Master for Roquette and Onion

After the duo Roquette – Cebolla, the second place in Master class has been for José Pedro Pinheiro and Catarina Pinheiro also from Portugal and with Miguel Costa and Agustín Zabalúa, from RCN Palma and RCN Valencia, respectively, completing the podium and taking the national title.

Jose Palacios and María Palacios, Grand Master winners

The Grand Master class, with three teams in the running, has crowned the Asturian Jose Palacios and María Palacios, from RCAR, followed by the Andalusians Antonio Miguel Sel and Guillermo Serrano, from RC Mediterráneo and with the Portuguese couple formed by Antonio Dias and Frederico Bagorro in third position.

The only boat participating in the Legend Master category, with a skipper of more than 75 years, has been that of the “Nano” Belda, Marqués Del Valle del Turia, a myth of the class that has participated with Carmela Marzal, taking the title in its category.




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