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Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect App receives updates.

Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect App receives updates.

Volvo Penta will make updates to the Easy Connect app available in October, to further improve navigability solutions.

The new version of the App will provide a better experience of control and intelligent management of boats and routes.

The Volvo Penta app allows users to easily access engine, boat and route data.

Easy Connect was developed to aid in nautical trip planning and sharing, as well as remote viewing of ship data as it appears on the instrument panel.

One of the main novelties is a complete navigation system through the application. Before, it was necessary to have separate modules, but now everything is integrated into Easy Connect.

Travel planning has also been expanded, with a simplified search for previous itineraries.

Easy Connect has received improvements to its interface, with simplified menus, easy access to pairing codes and improved design. The platform has become more agile and intuitive.

The portable Easy Connect instrument panel display can complement the on-board instrumentation, integrated with Navionics navigation maps.

The application that was available for boats with one or two Volvo Penta engines. Now with a new feature it lets owners of larger boats, up to 120 feet, with three or four engines use it.

About Easy Connect

The Easy Connect app is available for a wide range of Volvo Penta engines, manufactured from 2003 onwards. The free download can be done through the Apple Store or Play Store, depending on the operating system of the mobile device. The platform also requires the installation of the Easy Connect interface on the boat, available from Volvo Penta representatives. Once connected, the interface transmits information to smartphones via Bluetooth®.



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