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NaviPair App to revolutionize sailing life

Sailors launch an app that makes life on the water easier : NaviPair App

The number of yachts and pleasure craft in harbours and on the water has exploded during the corona pandemic, and this also results in a growing need for repairs and maintenance work.

A group of recreational sailors and entrepreneurs with experience from both the IT and boat industry have developed an app aimed at making it easier, quicker and cheaper to find professional assistance when the ship has a leak, the sail is frayed or the engine stops working.

Not all industries suffered during the corona pandemic’s lockdowns and travel restrictions. While planes were grounded due to travel restrictions, people all across Europe flocked to boats and took to the water. The sale of yachts and pleasure craft exploded, and the boat brokers and harbour masters have never been busier.

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And of course, the many new boats also need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. This is a brand-new challenge for many sailors.

“It is not always easy to get the exact kind of help that you need in your local area. This becomes even more relevant when navigating unfamiliar waters. Therefore, we have developed an app that helps sailors and those who repair boats find each other,” says Klaus Østergaard.

Experienced entrepreneurs and sailors are behind the app

Together with three others, Thomas Keller, Jesper Riber and Tommy Mikkelsen, who together have many years of experience with entrepreneurship, software and app development – and not least, sailing – he has founded the company and app called Navipair.

“You can register yourself as a boat owner and what we call a ‘Repair Hero’ in the app. A Repair Hero can be a professional repairer or a sailor with the skills needed to make certain kinds of repairs or perform certain kinds of maintenance work. The app is created by sailors for sailors to make it easy to find the assistance that you need no matter where you are, and it promotes the strong community among sailors, which is already known for being very willing to offer a helping hand. We just make it easier by putting it into a system,” explains Klaus Østergaard, CEO of Navipair.

International ambitions

In the Navipair app, as a boat owner you can both keep track of your onboard to-do lists and then use the position of the boat to get offers for resolving tasks from the Repair Heroes in the area that have also registered with the app.

“We have just launched the app in Denmark, and we are covering large parts of the Mediterranean with advertising in the near future. The ambition is to make it easier – and cheaper – to enjoy life at sea instead of spending your time sailing around looking for the assistance that you need. The app will allow people to get multiple offers for a job from both amateur and professional Repair Heroes so that you can compare prices,” Klaus Østergaard says.

The Navipair app is free to download for both iOS and Android. When you begin using it or submitting or retrieving offers, you can also subscribe to it.

For more  information,  www.navipair.com

Or contact Klaus Østergaard at (+45) 5166 1408.

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