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Sail 3Di OCEAN is the latest addition to the North Sails Cruising catalog

Sail 3Di OCEAN is the latest addition to the North Sails Cruising catalog 

Cruising requires specific sails that provide reliability, durability and ease of use. The North Sails sailmaker catalog offers its specific Cruising range with tailor-made solutions for each boat and the preferences of each owner, always with the guarantee of fast navigation, with less heel, less rudder load, less folding, great ease of trim and long service life.

North Sails have an extensive catalog that ranges in length from small sailing dinghies to the most colossal superyachts and in use from pleasure boats to ocean competition flying trimarans. Within this dense and extensive universe of references, the sailmaker proposes its specific Cruising range for cruise navigation, a family of products that combines custom designs with the best materials from the North Sails factory, from the traditional polyester to the revolutionary 3Di. Literally an answer to every need.

The Cruising range is characterized by its compromise between durability, versatility and performance. An extensive dossier that has a wide range of majors (standard, forced sabers, with high elevation, furling on the mast and furling on the boom), genoa / jibs (preferably furling for cruising) and open course sails ( especially Gennaker, an asymmetric spinnaker fixed to the bow or boom that does not require a pole or special rigging), with the added possibility of adapting the sail design to the preferences of each owner, a customization capacity that guarantees customer satisfaction .

The importance of the material
To choose the right sail for our boat, it is key to identify which material best meets our needs. In cruising, factors such as durability, reliability, versatility and ability to adapt to a wide range of wind and sea conditions prevail with easy and less frequent trim adjustments. The North Sails Cruising range bases its offering on three materials: NPC, NPL and 3Di.

NPC is the acronym for North Panel Cloth, and encompasses the North Sails family of polyester fabric products. NPC sails are divided into Cross-Cut (made with NorDac Fill fabric of high tenacity polyester weft), Radian (which offers less stretch and higher performance than any other non-laminated polyester fabric, except 3Di Nordac) and Downwind ( specific for carriers).

NPL, or North Panel Laminate, encompasses laminated cruising sails. Depending on the needs of the shipowner, the range offers TOUR versions (radial cut black aramid sandwich construction with Xi Cruise laminate), TOUR ULTRA (dyneema or dyneema / carbon sandwich construction for medium and large boats respectively ) and Downwind (aramid polyester laminates, recommended for G-Zero type closed bearing sails).

3Di are the magic acronyms on the sails of the most advanced racing boats, but they are also available in a cruiser version under the name 3Di OCEAN. The 3Di OCEAN 330 is a revolutionary product that reinvents the dacron sail, combining the unique properties of 3Di composite sails with the well-known polyester fiber, resulting in an innovative seamless cruising sail, with a smoother and more stable aerodynamic shape. offering improved control, comfort and speed; a never before seen compromise between cost, performance and durability. The 3Di OCEAN 370 is a hybrid of polyester and Ultra PE, created to meet the unique needs of cruise ships in the 35 to 60 foot range, for both monohulls and the growing multihull cruise community. The 3Di OCEAN 700 uses the highest proportion of Ultra PE of the entire 3Di range (Ultra PE has a higher degree of elasticity than carbon or aramid, offering a greater margin of safety against flapping, rubbing and folding), giving it an unbeatable combination of ease of use and handling by reducing bulk, weight and stiffness, but without compromising the high levels of robustness and reliability characteristic of 3Di molded composite sails.

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