Simrad updates the software of its multifunction displays

Simrad updates software

Simrad’s latest software update has just been released for its multifunction displays (MFDs) with the latest technologies and enhanced display capabilities.

These updates introduce improvements to the radar interface and safety features, such as Dangerous Target Alert.

Radar updates make it easier to view, track vessels, and help identify vessels that could pose a risk to the route.
New AIS icons and radar-tracked target symbols ensure better hazard identification and can be tiled into a single on-screen display.

In addition, they improve connectivity, convenience and control by integrating with other products that can be easily integrated with MFDs at Simrad, such as the CZone control bar for digital switching, SteadySteer ™ support and Mercury Smart Towers to maintain ideal speed. when water skiing, towing inflatables and wakeboarding.

One of the key safety updates is the new Dangerous Target Alert that warns the user of radar and AIS targets deemed dangerous, based on target parameters set in “Settings” and “Tracked Targets”. This alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that shows the distance, graphical heading, and heading of the detected ship relative to your own.