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Sahara Mk2 self-priming bilge pump

Sahara Mk2 self-priming bilge pump

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Sahara Mk2 self-priming bilge pump

For the past 18 years, the Attwood Sahara bilge pump has been a standard in the marine industry around the world. Now launching a new series of automatic creep pumps: it is the self-priming Mk2 series.

The new Sahara Mk2 bilge pump offers some interesting features: it is the only one that eliminates air blockages throughAttwood patented X-Air impeller.


After years of development, the Sahara Mk2 offer these key benefits:

The only automatic bilge pump that eliminates air blockages, i.e. self-priming.
The easiest automatic bilge pump to install and repair
The most reliable automatic bilge pump in salt and fresh water applications.

Sahara Mk2 bilge pump will be available to order  from April

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