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Camaliot App : better understand the weather

Camaliot app

The European Space Agency has launched Camaliot, a citizen science app that empowers everyone, including you, to improve global weather forecasts.

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A team of scientists from the European Space Agency has developed a community application for Android cell phones with the aim of predicting the weather more accurately, thanks to the use of the device’s GPS receiver.


The main goal of this app is to collect as much information from all over the world and from several different constellations of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) as the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the GLONASS of Russia, the Beidou of China and the Galileo of the European Union.

Creating better ionospheric forecasts could be relevant in tracking space weather, and could eventually make Global Navigation Satellite Systems much more accurate in accounting for events like geomagnetic storms.

More Info: Camaliot.org



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