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North Sails Introduces Wireless Load Sensing for Helix Sails

North Sails Wireless Load Sensing

Having recently made the Helix design standard on all racing Code sails, North Sails now moves to digitize the Helix range – harnessing the latest wireless technology to maximize the benefits of Helix with this simple upgrade.

North Sails is proud to introduce SmartLuff, an easy-to-use Bluetooth smart sensor that optimizes your sail by monitoring sail load in real-time. This exciting new product is manufactured exclusively for North Sails by Cyclops Marine, whose data-driven approach has made them industry experts in load sensing. Installed as an optional upgrade to the tack fitting in North Helix Sails, the SmartLuff sensor quickly connects to your smartphone and onboard displays, providing live load data in a simple, intuitive format.

By visualizing sail load, you can adopt a data-driven approach to sail trim, repeatedly achieving the recommended sail/cable load sharing ratios provided with every North Helix sail. The free app continuously logs data, allowing you to analyze performance post-sail for ongoing improvement/fine-tuning.

The combination of the Helix design (which relies on optimal load sharing to deliver maximum power), paired with the ability to hit precise load settings with SmartLuff, promises to change the complexion of race fleets across classes – giving teams that adopt the new technology a significant advantage over those left behind.

Master Your Helix Sail

Since its introduction, Helix has become a widely adopted design philosophy. First applied to the headsails of Artemis Racing during the 34th America’s Cup, Helix has rapidly evolved into a necessity for sailing programs craving steady power across a wider range. Helix’s revolutionary internal structure provides sailors access to another gear, enhancing power potential by absorbing more load, for a proactive, positive sail shape.

Now, with the addition of SmartLuff, sailors gain heightened control of their Helix sail to access that power – enabling you to make data-driven decisions in-race, in set-up, and in your overall approach – while adding an element of interactive technology to enhance your sailing experience. Helix is standard on the full range of North Code Sails, and offered as an upgrade on racing headsails. All Helix sails can be upgraded with the Cyclops SmartLuff.

To find out more, or to add SmartLuff to your new or existing Helix sail, contact a North Sails representative near you.


More About Cyclops:

Cyclops Marine designs and manufactures highly accurate wireless load sensors for marine applications. Since launching their flagship range of rig sensors in 2019 they’ve been helping sailors win racers and move up fleets all over the world.

“At Cyclops, we empower sailors to get the most from their equipment and maximize performance, so applying load sensing to North Helix Code Sails is really exciting. Helix is already an innovation that gives sailors more from their boat, so if Cyclops can help provide an extra 20%, then that lives up to our vision perfectly. We’re incredibly excited this collaboration has come to fruition and can’t wait to see the results on the racecourse!”

– Ian “Chips” Howarth, CEO, Cyclops Marine
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