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Kitesurfing in 2024-25: When Is the Best Time to Practice?

From the middle of spring until almost the end of autumn, kitesurfers conquer the waves and wind with pleasure, enjoying great tricks and an incredible atmosphere. The 2023 season is ongoing, and the next one starts in March!

Best time for kitesurfing Portugal season 2023-2024

One of the most exciting things you can try is kitesurf Portugal. In Portugal, it is a widespread and popular sport and extreme entertainment that every resident or tourist can try. Need to know how? It’s easy to learn.

What is kitesurfing?

The main element of this fun is the kite (sail), which can be flat or paraglider-like. The athlete uses special straps and double lines to harness the power of the wind and glide on the water’s surface on a board. Special skis can also be used instead of a board.

What’s the main challenge?

You must simultaneously catch the wind, maintain balance on the board, control the lines, and avoid falling. Professional athletes who have been training at the lagoon in kitesurf Obidos for a long time can balance and maintain balance well, perform incredible acrobatic tricks, and organize freestyle sessions and competitions. Even if you’ve never stood on a board, look at it: it’s a unique art combining the most beautiful elements of sailing, surfing, and acrobatics.

Season 2023-2024: When is the best time for kitesurfing?

The best place for kitesurfing in Portugal is the Obidos Lagoon. Here are three best periods highlighted for the next season, when you can enjoy this art to the fullest:

All autumn in a row. With the arrival of autumn, there are significantly fewer tourists so that no one will bother you. At the same time, the strength and direction of the wind stabilize, making it exciting and easy to learn kitesurfing or practice and improve in the fall.
June and August are less hot than July, so this is also a great time to enjoy the waves and the wind.
Tame the waves in April and early May: by this time, the water has already warmed up enough, and kitesurfing schools are open to visitors — a great time to start.

The least favorable time for this sport is winter when the weather becomes unstable, and July when it’s extremely hot outside. Before planning your vacation, familiarize yourself with the weather conditions for the chosen period. You can also check with surf schools to learn more about the optimal training times.

How difficult will it be for you to learn?

It all depends on how interested you are and how strong your desire to try and achieve a certain level of perfection is. Previous experience in sports, overall physical fitness, and health also give clues. However, in general, by following the instructions and recommendations of the instructor, everyone can learn and even become a professional.

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