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Hy-Generation shaftless propeller.

Hy-Generation shaftless propeller.

Heavy propellers, as we know them today, will soon leave our ships.
Rémi Champeaux envisioned an electric powerboat for sailing that could make our old outboards go out of style.

Strings or seaweed stuck in the propeller will be a bad memory for boaters,
exchanging noisy heat engines for less noisy and polluting electric drives.

Rémi Champeaux, Hy Generation founder in 2012, and inventor, envisioned an engine where the propeller blades do not rotate on an axis but inside a nozzle.

It is a propeller contains an electric motor and a propeller without a central shaft. The motor is included in the marine carbon nozzle that helps propel the boat.

Lighter and quieter

“We have done everything possible to optimize performance and energy efficiency. When we look at a classic propeller, we see that the shaft creates a hydrodynamic disturbance. The circumferential propulsion is more efficient ”he explains.

The first model sold for € 6,000 offers a power of 6 kW, the equivalent of ten thermal horsepower.



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