Yamaha presents its new F425 V8 XTO OFFSHORE Engine



Yamaha Motor revolutionizes the nautical market with the launch of its new outboard motor.

The new YAMAHA F425 V8 XTO Offshore engine, exceeds the standards of outboard motors: from the use of previously unattainable technologies, to the improvement of the user experience in a way that previously seemed impossible.

The new YAMAHA F425 V8 XTO OFFSHORE, is one of the newest and most powerful four-stroke outboards and flagship product of the brand worldwide.

The F425 is the most powerful model in the range and is powered by a 5,559cc 4-stroke V8 engine, delivering a maximum of 425 horsepower, under a completely new development platform.

It is an innovative concept that applies advanced technologies, with a robust design and dynamic appearance. THE F425 was created to offer a premium quality product, reinforcing the brand’s positioning in the nautical products segment.

Yamaha succeeds in offering a differential product by rethinking an outboard motor with integrated systems by applying technologies that are new to the industry. Thus, a product is achieved that stands out not only for its extreme strength and propulsion, toughness and reliability, but also for the ability to integrate systems to provide greater control and comfort.

It is the first 4-stroke with direct injection that sprays fuel at high pressure and distributes it precisely throughout the intake process, instead of just injecting it into the combustion chamber. This technology increases combustion efficiency, with unmatched power that provides boats with the ultimate in acceleration and top speed performance.

It has integral electronic steering, the first of its kind in any outboard motor. This system receives signals from the steering cylinder position sensor to carry out steering and joystick operation. Features built into the electric steering system, which reduce power consumption on Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore outboards

Thanks to an ingenious new exhaust gas relief system, the propellers displace clean water in reverse, helping to produce reverse propulsion in reverse while maintaining torque and speed. This means easy maneuvering and more control when docking, particularly when the V8 XTO Offshore is combined with Yamaha’s fully integrated Helm Master® boat control system and its CL7 ™ display. It is a true performance revolution for large boats, achieving exceptional innovation in this concept.