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WUANAP, the life-saving smart collar

WUANAP, the life-saving smart collar

Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death in the world, producing 372,000 per year and 24 per hour.

There was no system available to save the drowned. But thanks to Ignacio Cuesta, who was close to drowning while surfing, he has developed an intelligent life-saving collar capable of detecting if the person is in danger of drowning while practicing some aquatic activity

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The interior of the Wuanap collar is filled with the patented SmartLifeCollar® technology: a base plate with an accelerometer, barometer, state-of-the-art communication and various sensors that detect the physical activity of the person.

Thus, this smart collar detects any anomaly, such as unconsciousness, immobility, epilepsy or panic attack and also if the limit of apnea in the water has been exceeded, swelling and acting as a lifeguard.
When the collar is inflated, it raises your head to the surface, placing your airway at the highest point and allowing you to regain your breath.

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Wuanap has an integrated GPS system that alerts the nearest health services and active users who are close to the affected person to reduce the rescue time, when the collar swells. In the same way, it has a smartphone application, with which the user is also tracked, records the geolocation, controls the inflation parameters of the collar and even activates it if necessary.

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Wuanap is in the development phase and scale production is expected to begin by the end of the year. A crowdfunding campaign began in July to raise funds and launch its production

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