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New electric drive Harmo from Yamaha Motor

Electric drive Harmo from Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor presented its “HARMO” electric boat propulsion system

HARMO is a new platform that integrates an electric drive unit and a steering control system.

It is a comprehensive smart technology package consisting of a drive unit powered by an electric motor, a remote control box and a joystick for intuitive operation.

The engine technology, to make electric propulsion more efficient, uses Rim technology applied to the tail instead of the current or traditional outboard tail. It is installed around the outer edge of the propeller, so it provides more thrust at a lower speed compared to equivalent traditional systems.

HARMO can be used on larger boats, with lower power consumption and reduced vibration and noise.

The steering thanks to its wide angle allows smooth maneuvers and turns in small places.
Joystick control, based on Yamaha’s HelmMaster EX system, offers complete intuitive control and effortless boat control.

HARMO is equipped in a similar way to traditional outboards, with a transom bracket and a TRIM tilt function, to lift it up and out of the water.


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