Sealander: the mini motorhome that turns into a boat

Sealander motorhome

This small caravan allows travelers to enjoy a wide range of destinations. On land it can be towed by a car, and on water with an outboard motor, it can be a boat

It allows you to enjoy the outdoors, choose where to sleep or wake up and travel thousands of kilometers along various routes.
You can camp wherever you want, but with Sealander you can explore lakes or rivers.

With Sealander, a mini motorhome on land and water, travelers can enjoy a wider range of destinations.

Of German manufacture, on land it can be a caravan pulled as a trailer by a car, and on water it can be a boat with an outboard motor.

Its design allows users to easily take the Sealander from the route to the water, in just a few minutes.

The boat’s hull is constructed of gel-coated fiberglass connected to the monocoque shell. The body and chassis are integrated.

The Sealander weighs only 450 Kilos, can carry a load of 750 Kilos on the road and 410 Kilos on the water. And it is 189 centimeters tall, which means that it can be stored in any garage.

This mini motorhome comes with an onboard grill, toilet and a shower, stainless steel kitchen sink. In addition, its dining room has capacity for six people and becomes a sleeping area.