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Volvo Penta hits 30,000 IPS installations

Volvo Penta hits 30,000 IPS installations

Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) units are said to deliver up to 30% reduced fuel consumption and 30% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional inboard shafts. The company has now supplied 30,000 Volvo Penta IPS solutions across the marine sectors.
The company says environmental care has been a core value since 1972 and it continues to achieve high energy efficiency and reduce emissions across its product range.

Volvo Penta says IPS was a revolution in marine technology when it was first launched to the marine leisure sector, in 2005. The system has forward-facing, twin counter-rotating propellers that sit below the hull for incredible ‘grip’ of the water. Individually steerable IPS drives are linked to the onboard joystick docking function. The joystick makes docking – which is considered one of the most stressful aspects of boating – easier.

It cites the example of the Amer 94 superyacht for demonstrating the benefits of IPS. In a controlled 100-mile journey through the Mediterranean, this vessel saw a 45% reduction in fuel consumption compared to similarly sized yachts fitted with traditional inboard shaft installation. This result was due to the craft’s lightweight design and the fitment of the IPS, which together slashed the weight of the yacht by 20 tonnes – the weight of four elephants.

Increasing the use of Volvo Penta IPS for marine commercial use was one of the company’s commitments to the WWF Climate Saver program, which it has been a part of since 2014.
“Finding ways to reduce fuel consumption and emissions has been an objective of ours for many years and is as a priority across our product range,” says Johan Inden, head of Volvo Penta’s marine segment. “We strive to continue to improve today’s innovative technology, while in parallel explore future possibilities towards significantly reduced, or zero, emissions.”

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