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Fusion Signature Series Subwoofers

Fusion Subwoofers

Garmin owned Fusion offers the first marine subwoofers to feature CRGBW lighting. Of course, on board they can only be pressure-tested and watertight in accordance with ISO 12216.

Garmin launches 12-inch Fusion marine subwoofers, adding to Signature Series 3 range

The new models offer increased power and add high-quality low frequencies to your sound, improved lighting incorporating CRGBW LEDs, and a safe design. Fusion subwoofers come with a 3-year warranty.

The new subwoofers include an innovative lighting proposal. While conventional RGB subwoofers feature three LEDs (red, green, and blue), the new Fusion marine subwoofers stand out as the first to feature five CRGBW LEDs (red, green, blue, cool white, and white). Allowing to create a wider range of color mixtures with more varied tones, providing a different aesthetic environment.

The new Fusion 12 ” 1400W peak power subwoofers (700W effective power) are available in two styles, Sports White and Sports Chrome, thus allowing them to adapt to the aesthetics of each boat.
The protection of each speaker is constructed of high-quality materials to offer maximum durability. To test their strength, the subwoofers have undergone rigorous pressure and tightness tests in accordance with ISO 12216, making them safe to use in any location above the waterline of the boat.

They also have an IP65 degree of watertightness, which keeps them protected from water and dust, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor installation of any boat.

Adding to the integration of Fusion products, the subwoofers are compatible with all players in the range, Signature Series amplifiers and the CRGBW remote control accessory.

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