Hammacher Schlemmer launches a powerful flying vehicle that can glide over land and water, The Flying Hovercraft


Hammacher Schlemmer’s flying hovercraft can hover 6 meters above water at 113 km/h

Futuristic in design, the hovercraft can be piloted up to six meters above the ground, reaching 113 km/h and covering a distance of up to 250 km with a 130 hp turbocharged twin-cylinder gasoline engine.

Operates in fresh or salt water and up to 30% incline on sand, mud, grass, ice or snow. Its wings and horizontal elevator allow it to simply jump over half-meter land or water obstacles.

To glide above the ground, ‘The Flying Hovercraft’ is equipped with a 60″ wood-carbon composite pusher propeller and a 34″ 1,100rpm lift fan that inflates its vinyl-coated nylon skirt.

Its low center of gravity and fiberglass/PVC composite hull allow it to operate in winds up to 25 mph and waves.
It can support a maximum passenger/pilot payload of about 272 kg while flying.

Its three vertical rudders and elevator are controlled by a joystick.
Forward speed and hover are maneuvered with a twist-lock friction throttle and a variable drive system that controls the lift fan.
To brake, the lift fan RPM is reduced.

It has Kevlar composite landing skids that allow it to reach the ground again safely.

A boat license is required to pilot it, given its specifications.

Retailing for $190,000, it is available  on the Hammacher Schlemmer website.