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FURUNO ENVISION AR, augmented reality navigation system

Furuno Envision AR-100M, the innovative navigation system

Furuno introduced a revolutionary solution designed for the future of navigation: the FURUNO ENVISION AR navigation system (model AR-100M), an innovative and advanced augmented reality navigation system that provides substantial navigation support, using the power of ‘ AR (Augmented Reality) to go beyond reality.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality (AR – Augmented Reality) is physical reality, as perceived sensory and intellectually by the individual, enriched with data in digital format. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and superimposes additional information on it.

Purpose of the FURUNO AR-100M navigation system

The main purpose of using the FURUNO ENVISION AR navigation system is to minimize human error and help make smart decisions quickly. For this purpose, the AR system helps users to intuitively understand the surrounding situation by overlaying the necessary information on a single screen.

Thanks to a forward-pointing camera at the bow of the boat, an image of the front view is projected onto a screen and all the necessary navigation information is superimposed on this image.

In addition to navigation data (such as position, speed, and direction received from GPS and other Gyrocompass receivers), the data displayed also includes AIS data, target tracking radar, and the ECDIS chart.

All this allows, even in the case of adverse weather conditions or visibility, to clearly see the routes and data related to your boat and other boats: even when the boat rocks or rocks, the overlay AR information remains stable and will not drift away . of the real elements, providing reliable data in all circumstances.

This highly intuitive way of viewing and sharing information provides greater situational awareness and allows for better coordination between the captain and crew.

The FURUNO ENVISION AR system also aims to contribute to the safety and protection of travel by offering visual support for maneuvers and navigation during any operation, a technological step towards autonomous navigation.

AR Navigation is an auxiliary tool designed to improve navigation conditions and for safer navigation. Under no circumstances should AR navigation replace radar, ECDIS, etc., or other tools necessary to avoid hazards.

The standard supply of the AR-100M system includes:
– Processor unit with two HDMI videos;
– IP camera with POE power supply;
– Trackball control unit.

Recommended optimal settings
Depending on whether the Furuno ECDIS FMD-3200/3300 system is on board, there are two useful optimal settings to improve the performance of the AR-100M.
AIS, GPS and heading data are always mandatory, both in the variant with ECDIS and in the non-ECDIS; however, the MC-3000S sensor will be added to the latest variant, which will act as a “gateway” to feed the signals into the AR system. In addition, it is possible to interconnect Radar / Chart-Radar, satellite compasses or satellite speed records.

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