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TecnoRib announced the launch of the Pirelli 35 RIB

TecnoRib announced the technical launch of the first Pirelli 35 unit, the walkaround with aerodynamic lines and a modern look, designed by the Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team, has been carried out successfully in recent days.

Designed for customers seeking the perfect balance between onboard design on the one hand and performance on the other, the Pirelli 35 is the latest addition to TecnoRib.

The Swedish studio Mannerfelt Design Team, specializing in racing helmets, collaborated with TecnoRib, Pirelli brand licensee for inflatable boats, to create the Pirelli 35.

Born from the success of the Pirelli 42, the new model is presented with smaller dimensions but with the same characteristics of a sporty walkaround with aerodynamic lines, and the same modern look.

“With its modern and slim profile, it has been designed for a clientele that seeks the combination of design and speed. Pirelli 35 is aimed at a growing market of owners looking for safety and adrenaline in a RIB of this size, guaranteed by the double-pass hull, but also attention to on-board accessories, stylistic evolution and modern styling ” explained Gianni. De Bonis, CEO of TecnoRib

The large space around the perimeter walkway creates the very comfortable walkaround conformation in a specimen of this size while the design allows extreme enjoyment of outdoor environments, thanks to the large sunbathing areas both in the bow and in the aft, where a comfortable table also guarantees the possibility of having lunch outdoors.

This model, the starting point of a new path that collects and enhances the DNA of an iconic and recognizable brand, confirms the desire to raise the level of elegance in this range of products.

The motorization can be chosen by the hobbyist according to their needs (the expected power ranges from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 700 horsepower in the gasoline version, and from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 640 in the version of diesel.

The launched model has the EFB 2x300hp gasoline version.

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