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ONE 16 : the Spanish project that turns your jet ski into a boat

The social side of the jet skis

The first prototype of the ONE 16 has been successfully launched and tested in Spain. This innovative hull transforms a jet ski into a 6 meter boat, capable of hosting up to six people in addition to the jet ski rider. The ONE 16 will be available for sea trials throughout the summer, in Puerto de la Duquesa, Malaga.

The project is entirely made in Spain: design, engineering and production. Designed by Amor Jimenez Chito of Loveworks Design, who is also working on many superyacht projects in collaboration with Coase Design, the ONE 16 aims to attract newcomers to boating.

Visma Naval Architects, based in Cádiz, engineered the boat, ensuring its performance and safety through extensive optimization of weight distribution and the interaction between the hull and the personal watercraft. The prototype was built at the modern facilities of KDKomposites in Málaga, a renowned name in the sailing industry, known for building one of the most high-performance Optimist boats currently available on the market and for producing the match-race boat TOM 28 Max.

Commenting on this project, Amor Jimenez, CEO of ONE Water Toys stated:

“The ONE 16 was born from analyzing the needs of many jet ski users. While they enjoy the thrill of riding a jet ski, a significant share of them also seek a more relaxed experience with friends and family. As a result, many owners sell their jet skis after a couple of years as they look for an alternative way to enjoy the water. The ONE 16 was conceived to meet these needs, offering a solution that allows users to enjoy both the excitement of a jet ski and the comfort of a boat.

In recent years, the market has seen a rise in adventure boats: young owners seek experiences, and in the superyacht sector, this has been highlighted by the rising popularity of explorers. Recognizing this quest for experience, the ONE 16 aims to enrich the experience for jet ski owners – and jet ski lovers –  by allowing people to come onboard.”

The design of the ONE 16 features clean, modern lines. The main focus has been given to the functionality within the deck. Every aspect of the design enhances usability while maintaining a sleek, minimalist and timeless aesthetic.

The ONE 16 is priced to be affordable, providing an accessible entry point to boating. The owners of the ONE can choose from a wide range of vibrant, attention-grabbing colors to make the boat reflect their personality. In the design process, Jimenez Chito selected bold colors that invite a sense of adventure, intentionally moving away from the conventional white and blue boats.

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Working on bespoke interiors and exteriors for yachts and superyachts, Jimenez understands the importance of having a clear brief, conducting market analysis, and identifying user needs. These analyses have been carried out prior to the design phase of the ONE 16, and led to creating a hull capable of bridging the gap between the high-speed excitement of a jet ski and the shareable enjoyment of a boat.

The ONE 16 allows jet ski owners to share their passion with friends and family. While some people prefer to sunbathe on the ONE 16, sipping a drink and listening to music, others can enjoy the adrenaline rush offered by the personal watercraft. The platform is plug-and-play, easy to connect in just one minute, and compatible with major brands such as Seadoo and Yamaha.

In the bow area, there is a large table that, when lowered, converts into a spacious sunbathing area. The layout is carefully designed, making it easy to move around. When the jet ski is removed, the slide that houses the front of the jet ski transforms into an inviting pool, gently gliding into the sea. The anchor is located in the bow hatch, which has been conceived to be walkable to facilitate easy embarking and disembarking. This structural hatch has been reinforced during production for this purpose.

While sailing, guests (up to six people) can easily sit around the table or use the seat that conceals the refrigerator, facing forward.
The hull has been optimized for cruising speeds of around 18-20 knots, with a top speed of 30 knots when using a 170-hp jet ski.

Standard equipment includes a Hertz or Fusion audio system and storage area suitable for a 12V portable refrigerator. A removable bimini provides protection from the sun, and boat buckles securely connect the jet ski to the hull.

The ONE 16 is available starting from 40 K€, ready for use.

Among the available options, in addition to a rigid bimini, wakeboard rack, and a premium audio system with a subwoofer, there is the opportunity to customize the ONE 16 with custom painting and fabrics.

The color configurations for the hull and upholstery proposed by ONE Water Toys are designed to make a statement, with bold and vibrant colors which make the boat stand out in marinas. For even further customization, the hull can be wrapped with a bespoke design.

The ONE 16 is also conceived to enable jet ski rental companies to expand their offerings to a wider range of customers, making it more appealing to groups of friends who want to spend a day at sea. Additionally, it can also serve as a tender for yachts starting from 20 meters or be used to transport people ashore or from the marina to a moored vessel.

Engineering and production challenges

Keeping the production in Spain has allowed all the involved parties to meet and efficiently solve the challenges of engineering and building the first prototype.

After evaluating the feasibility of the concept designed by Loveworks Design, Visma Naval Architects optimized the naval architecture, materials, and finally, the structure.

The weight distribution was optimized to ensure that the jet ski can be easily inserted into the hull of the ONE 16 and that the boat remains stable even when all six people onboard are on the same side. As the ONE 16 can be coupled with the jet ski but also decoupled, all required calculations and analyses were doubled: the naval architects studied the behavior of the hull with both the jet ski and the hull alone.

Another challenge was the interface between the personal watercraft and the hull, which has been studied from both a structural and hydrodynamic perspective.

We had to ensure continuity with the design of the hull, maintaining the waterlines unaffected and avoiding unnecessary resistance. It was crucial to keep the flow within the boundary layer, maintaining laminar flow, and preventing turbulence around the interface between the jet ski and the hull,” explained Manuel Viseras, CEO of Visma Naval Architects. “We’re delighted to be involved in this innovative project. In our studio, we’re constantly engaged in R&D projects, evaluating new materials, and new processes, such as 3D printing.”

Following the plans developed by the engineering firm, KDKomposites was responsible for building the prototype.

The biggest challenge was to manufacture a boat with the exact draught, to ensure an easy connection with the jet ski, and obviously to ensure the required buoyancy and optimal stability. We are proud to say that we were able to build the boat according to the optimal weight distribution and structure given to us by the naval architects,” said Oscar Bustos, CEO of KDKomposites.

Oscar Bustos is a former professional sailor, with outstanding experience as a sportsman and composites technician, who went on to build boats and parts for high level racing boats such as TP52, M32 catamarans, among many other projects.

The level of precision and quality of the boat built in this yard, evident when closely examining the ONE 16, has led KDK to a partnership that has been in place for more than 20 years with the water tank testing facility in CEHIPAR, in Madrid, for which it produces scale models with extreme geometric and construction precision.

Relying on this team of naval architects and boat builders, Amor Jimenez is already looking at the future development of the brand. The CEO of the company stated, “We are waiting for electric jet skis to become widespread in the Mediterranean and are closely monitoring the evolution of EV charging infrastructure in marinas. Currently, we are manufacturing the second unit of the ONE 16 using vacuum infusion methods, which will help us lower the weight of the hull, thus further improving performance. Once ready, this second unit will be designated for charter use.”

The ONE 16 is currently available for sea trials in Puerto de la Duquesa, and is open for testing to any interested dealers, clients, and charter companies.

ONE 16

Length (hull): 4,98 m
Length (hull+jetski): 6,00 m
Beam : 2,38 m

CE category: C
Passenger : 6

Material : GRP

Cruising speed: 18 -20 knots
Top speed (175 Hp) : 30 knots

Recommended power: 170 CV
Maximum power: 325 CV

Design: Loveworks Design

Engineering: Visma Naval Architects

Production: KDKomposites


About ONE Water Toys

One Water Toys S.L., founded by Amor Jimenez Chito, is a Spanish company dedicated to introducing innovative water toys to the market. With a focus on appealing to a dynamic and young audience, one of the goals of the brand is to make more people discover boating while designing products that meet the genuine needs and use of the new generations.

The ONE 16 is the first model of the brand. In the near future, the product range will be expanded and complemented by new product lines.

Discover more at:  https://www.onewatertoys.com/


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