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Crystal superyacht concept “Glass”

Crystal superyacht concept “Glass”

Glass, is a superyacht design by Lujac Desautel. Although it is nothing like traditional yachts, it is still a floating vessel capable of movement and with unsurpassed luxuries.

Glass” a city on the sea with shops, spas, nightclubs and cafes
This “superyacht” concept is more of a “super home”, the next level in yacht design.

Boats don’t seem to be enough anymore. This perspective on things also spawns a whole new way of doing navigation. It is just now becoming a business.

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Glass includes a completely rectangular hull design, something that is rarely seen in the world of yachting. In reality, this concept is based on a catamaran, which allows a container of this size to have very little contact with the water, and allows it to move freely.

Between the two catamaran hulls, the designer placed a construction area that spans 5,658 square feet (1,724 square meters). On that platform, three decks of the same size were placed, that is, in total it has 16,974 square feet (5,173 square meters), dedicated to living, shopping and any other of the typical activities of a superyacht.

Crystal yacht profile
The glass walls of the interlayer protrude beyond the sleeve of the hull, offering a 360-degree view of the water. The 14-meter-high structure also features an elevator, numerous living spaces, a children’s playroom with huge Lego-shaped furniture, and indoor pools.

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In the center of the nave, a structure that protrudes from the top. This core spans all three levels like an atrium and is equipped with an elevator, crew pantries, laundry facilities, kitchens, and day centers. The absolute essentials must be accessible from all floors, and that is precisely what this structure helps to facilitate.

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The aft ladder in addition to providing access in and out of the ship, it also lowers upon receiving an order to reveal the massive garage used to store bargains, toys, and even your supercar. Another purpose that these huge staircases serve is that of an amphitheater.

Inside, semi-precious metals and fabric covered floors predominate. Gardens enclosed in movable glass walls can be found as a backdrop.

Guests will also be offered a number of cafes and gyms to keep them busy and healthy while at sea.

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