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Saffier Se27 Leisure sailboat. A perfect 8 meter daysailer.

Saffier Se27 Leisure sailboat

In the last edition of the 2021 Sailing Boats of the Year awards, the Saffier Se27 Leisure was chosen among the best boats in the Special Boats category.

This complete 8-meter daysailer allows you to navigate both alone and with a small crew. They already have 200 units manufactured, the cost is US $ 75,000.-

This model also stands out for its high performance in the water. Its exterior lines of the hull, of modern cut, give great stability of navigation at high speed. Its almost flat hull that culminates in a beam of 2.60 meters.

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The motorization is Torqeedo of 4.0 Kw with lithium battery that is 70% lighter than a diesel engine version offering a range close to five hours, free of CO2 emissions.

The interior has a maximum capacity of up to 4 people, and its large bathtub with solarium makes it possible to take advantage of the navigation with the guests on board.

This sailboat is designed for both open sea and inland water navigation.

Saffier SE 27 Technical Specifications

Length: 8.2 meters

Beam: 2.6 meters

Draft: 1.4 meters

Displacement: 1,750 kg

Mainsail: 24 m2

Seftacking jib: 15 m²

Jib 108%: 18 m²

Code zero: 51 m²

Genaker: 66 m²

Price: usd 75,000

Info: Saffier

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