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Suzuki Marine, the widest range of drive-by-wire outboards

Suzuki Marine, drive-by-wire outboards

Following the launch of the Suzuki DF115BG and Suzuki DF140BG, Suzuki offers the largest selection of drive-by-wire outboards on the market.

In drive-by-wire control systems every direct mechanical connection between man and machine is replaced by an electronic one.

In a drive-by-wire system, the commands given by the driver, instead of reaching the motor through cables and levers, are acquired by a sensor and converted by it into a digital electronic signal. This signal, through a data network, is transmitted to an electromechanical actuation unit directly connected to the thermal unit.

The controls move through the interior of an electric cable, radically eliminating all those problems related to the installation of mechanical parts, much more complex, and with wear.

The advantage lies in the feeling that this technology is able to guarantee, in terms of power management and gear engagement of your outboard. The partialization of the accelerator, as well as the transition from neutral to forward or reverse, is carried out in a much more faithful and immediate way, ensuring fluidity in each situation.

With the launch of the DF115BG and DF140BG outboards, Suzuki establishes itself as the engine manufacturer with the greatest focus on drive-by-wire technology.
Suzuki started it years ago with the V6 electronic engines, Suzuki DF250AP, DF300AP, DF350A, DF300B, then expanded to the DF200AP, DF150AP and DF175AP high performance 4-cylinder range, and first to reach lower power ranges with the DF115BG and DF140BG.

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