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ShipHeart is on board energy management

SHIPHEART the keeper of the autonomy on board

The installation of ShipHeart on board allows the yachtsman to safely adapt his autonomy, to enjoy comfort of use and to sail serenely while having all the information and alerts of his boat even when he is not on board

ShipHeart™ is an on-board energy management tool.

It is installed in place of the electrical panel and controlled from its touch screen or with a smartphone or any other connected device. It pilots each piece of equipment on board, informs on energy consumption and alerts in case of malfunction or abnormal consumption.

This concept was born during a family holiday on the sailboat of the brother of the founder of the company, Pierre Passet, who was confronted with the management of autonomy on board: obliged to regularly start the engine because the batteries were discharged despite the recent addition of solar panels and a battery charge supervision system.

After a few days of investigation, he realised that it was the fridge that had a problem and was consuming all the energy.A few weeks later, the boat’s electrical panel failed. The future founder of Shipheart™ repaired it and, in the process, searched for a more efficient solution; to no avail. The idea of ShipHeart™ was born: to design an easy-to-use tool that gives a reliable view of the autonomy on board and proposes solutions to optimise it.
ShipHeart™ is the keeper of the autonomy on board

Unlike existing systems that only monitor the batteries, ShipHeart also monitors all the ship’s circuits and performs their permanent diagnosis. This complementarity between the energy stored in the batteries and the way it isconsumed by the
various circuits exists only in ShipHeart.

Thus, ShipHeart offers for the first time complete, simple and accessible information, which allows to know in a reliable way the number of hours of autonomy left on each battery!

ShipHeart informs the yachtsman about the impact of each piece of equipment on his autonomy: energy consumption will therefore be adapted with full knowledge of the facts; he can decide to offload this or that consumer or let ShipHeart™ do it automatically for him.
Example: at anchor ShipHeart indicates that the autonomy of the service battery is only 2h40.
Normally you would have to start the engine but thanks to ShipHeart, by switching off some circuits, this is not necessarily necessary:
– USB ports = 50 minutes of autonomy gain,
– on-board lighting = 40 minutes,
– AC converter = 1h20.

So one can make an informed decision to turn off the AC converter.
That said, ShipHeart has already been allowed to automatically switch off the USB ports as soon as the autonomy falls below 2 hours.
ShipHeart™: automatic monitoring and control
ShipHeart™ constantly monitors all circuits: it automatically detects malfunctions and gives the alert.
Examples: the port electric winch has been running continuously for 3 minutes, ShipHeart™automatically switches it off.

The fridge is running cold, everything is fine, but a small leak on the connection joint is already causing a 20% overconsumption of the compressor. In this case, ShipHeart™ alerts immediately: the problem is dealt with directly and overconsumption is avoided for several weeks or even months before you become aware that the fridge is no longer making cold.

ShipHeart: a safety asset ShipHeart detects that the engine block temperature is too high: the boater is immediately alerted.
If the sensor for the presence of water in the bilge is activated: ShipHeart™ switches on the bilge pump. A sensor at the entrance to the saloon? ShipHeart™ alerts of an intrusion.

ShipHeart: an economic gain
Thanks to its permanent diagnosis of the boat’s condition, ShipHeart makes it possible to stop the race to add generators in the broadest sense and/or change batteries: the boater knows exactly whether what is on board is sufficient.

Example: as ShipHeartgives a precise state of health of the batteries – between the current autonomy and the optimal autonomy – the yachtsman knows that if the batteries were new, he would have so many more hours of autonomy: this diagnosis makes it possible to make the choice to change a battery… or not!

In addition to the autonomy information in a clear language and at a glance, ShipHeart
obviously gives graphic information on:
– the level of your tanks (fresh water, black water, fuel…),
– various on-board temperatures: engine compartment, charger, converter, refrigerator…
– water sensors in the bilges,
– intrusion sensors,
– the boat’s environment: atmospheric pressure, humidity, GPS position, shocks, …

Comfort at every level
All the information on board is gathered in a single system.
All information is in clear language: the autonomy is in hours, each tank has the name decided by the yachtsman, defects are displayed in clear language and in the language chosen by the yachtsman, …
All information is accessible:
– on board via the 10.1″ touch screen,
– on smartphone via wifi on the boat – because ShipHeart™ generates its own wifi
– remotely, anywhere, via its Ship2net 4G network

ShipHeart™ is installed in place of the electrical panel. Its installation is easy thanks to its plug & play design. The Koriolan team or its marine electrician partners can also take care of the installation.

The functions in key words:
Electrical panel
Plug & play
Load shedding

The Koriolan company is based in Lyon.
Pierre Passet is an engineer with a passion for electronics and has always been a sailor. His professional career has led him to manage large companies for 30 years, in France and internationally. It was in 2019 that he created the company Koriolan: ShipHeart™ is designed and entirely made “made in France”.
The innovations of the main functions of ShipHeart are protected by a patent filed in February 2022.
The Koriolan company is presenting ShipHeart at the INTERNATIONAL MULTI-SHOW show from 20 to 24 April in La Grande Motte.

More Info: shipheart.tech



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