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Shadow. The first motorboat of Nautor’s Swan

Swan Shadow

Nautor’s Swan, known worldwide for its sailboats, announced its entry into the world of motorboats

The 13-meter Swan Shadow is the name of Nautor’s Swan’s new motorboat.

“We have resisted so many years,” says Leonardo Ferragamo, president of Nautor’s Swan, “the temptation to make a boat. Then we realized that we could transmit the same values ​​of Swan also in this project: elegance, performance, innovation and reliability ”.

The Swan Shadow is a 55 knot thoroughbred designed as an elegant tender or day cruiser, but also as a fishing boat.

With the double cabin under deck and an optional one, with an independent bathroom, in its 13 meters she is able to accommodate on board a couple for a weekend with the family. However, by changing the design of the deck, it can be transformed into an ideal boat for a day at sea or even a fisherman.

The design is by Jarkko Jämsén and Roy Capasso as project leader and commercial director for Swan Shadow.

Swan Shadow, a modular boat

One of the strengths of the new Swan Shadow is her ability to change as needed. From support for a sailboat to a fisherman.
The presence of the outboards surrounded by a platform that makes the boat easy to walk, even when it is approached from the stern.

Tender, day cruiser, support boat, fisherman and even “limousine.” All this combined with the clean and elegant line that has made the Nautor’s Swan shipyard famous around the world.

The helmet has been studied with the contribution of CFD technology to provide maximum performance. Its triple motorization is 225 horsepower up to 350, providing a maximum speed of 55 knots.

Swan Shadow

Length: 13.23 m
Beam: 4.3 m
Draft: 0.86 m
Engines: up to 3 350 hp outboards

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