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Bering Yachts explorer 

Bering Yachts has released a video and a set of photographs of its B145 superyacht. These images present an intimate view of the design, layout, and amenities of this three-deck ocean-going yacht. Built of steel and aluminum, she is not only capable of blue-water exploration but also offers modern-style luxury and comfort. Her 514 metric tons of displacement allow for space and capabilities that are second to none among the boats of this class.
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“As a true flagship of Bering, she is all about comfort, reliability, and capability. Design and materials also play a big role in creating 145,” says Alexey Mikhailov, President of Bering Yachts. “Every boat made by Bering should be in line with the vibe we call the Bering lifestyle. You have to be maximally comfortable and safe while going off the beaten path and reaching breathtaking and exciting destinations – and to stay there while being totally calm and relaxed.” 

Five comfortable guest suites on the lower deсk and a master stateroom on the main deck provide plenty of space for 12 guests, thanks to a generous 9.7-meter beam. Bering’s designers and furniture makers use fine wood, marble, leather, exclusive linens, and other materials to create luxurious and relaxing interiors. A 9-person crew is accommodated in a spacious crew mess that includes a resting area and four cabins located on the lower deck.
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An upper deck features a saloon adjacent to the dining area. There is ample space aft to carry tenders of up to 8m and additional toys. An extensive saloon with a large table and a lounge is located on the main deck. Situated at the beach club, a sauna with a spa is neighboring a fully equipped garage area complete with its own fold-down door and a diving compressor.
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B145 has a hybrid propulsion drive that combines electric motors for silent and environment-friendly operations with a pair of Caterpillar diesel engines providing 12 knots of cruising speed with the top speed being 15 knots. Due to the yacht’s fuel capacity of 95,600 liters (25,254 gallons), her range reaches over 4,000 nautical miles. An advanced stabilizer system provides full stability in motion or at anchor, and increased soundproofing prevents noise and vibration throughout the boat.
IMG 3872

The next hull of Bering 145 is under construction now and is planned to be delivered in 2024.

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