Y Yacht by Tesla

Y Yacht by Tesla

At the end of 2017, Tesla announced the project of the yacht, Model Y

Tesla is tied to innovation with the changes they have made in the automotive and space industries. That is why they could not be absent from exploring the ocean.

It is to be the world’s first electric and self-sufficient yacht. A luxury vessel, it will have a variety of amenities and will operate in complete silence.
Measuring 40 meters in length, its exterior is sharp and its interior spacious.

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The design will follow Tesla principles.

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She looks huge from the outside, but will only have two covers. The lower deck will have an open space for massive parties. A spacious spa will also be added. A lounge, bar, dining room and cabins are also projected. In terms of performance, she will be fast, with speed and comfort at all times.

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A large solar panel will charge two lithium batteries to power the boat. The yacht’s turbine will take all the incoming waves and movements and transform them into energy, which then circulates through an electrical current that powers the yacht.

It is only a matter of time before the famous Tesla logo is seen in marinas and on the open sea.

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