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Sea Doo Rise electric hydrofoil board

Sea Doo jumps into the electric hydrofoil market with Rise

Many electric hydrofoil boards have been around for a few years, basically taking the form of a surfboard with a streamlined mast extending down from the bottom rear, where it has a foiled wing and motor/propeller module.

The board starts out floating flush with the surface of the water, but rises out of the water as it picks up speed.

So the board ends up zigzagging along with the wing on the surface, itself completely free and out of the water. Such a hydrodynamic setup allows for some pretty fast speeds.

The Sea Doo Rise offers features to suit riders of different skill levels.

Unlike most eFoils, it has a retractable folding handlebar. Novices can raise, extend and use that bar for added stability, while seasoned pros can leave it lying flat in its recessed deck compartment.

Also, if riders aren’t comfortable standing up and foiling, they can kneel or even lie on the board, retract the mast/wing and use the Rise as an electric surfboard that doesn’t slip until they feel comfortable on the board.




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