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GARMIN Striker Cast for Fishing from mobile

GARMIN Striker Cast


Garmin STRIKER Cast wireless sonar allows fishermen to view shoals of fish from their mobile phones, both from a boat and from the beach or the shore of a river.

StrikerCast with GPS

It is a solution to see and observe the fish with more ease and detail, having visual control of what is underwater, especially when the hooks are prowling.

The small and floating Garmin STRIKER Cast sonar works by linking to a compatible smartphone or tablet and is characterized by its versatility, since being portable it can be used from the boat or on land.

Garmin STRIKER Cast is a small, portable and wireless sonar device that turns a smartphone or tablet into the screen of our sonar.

One of its main advantages lies in its versatility, since the fisherman can take it with him to use it in the fishing location he wants. In addition, it can be used in both open water and fresh water, and lakes, even ice, and has a depth range of up to 45 meters.


To put the portable sonar into operation, the free Garmin STRIKER ™ Cast app must be installed on the mobile device (available on Android and Apple) and linked to the sonar. From then on, the probe can be launched into the water to locate fish and visualize structures with sharp details that are easy to interpret from the smartphone.

All this thanks to the traditional 2D probe mode that has a maximum range of 60 meters distance between the probe and the Smartphone or Tablet. The version that includes GPS allows you to create and download fishing maps with contours every 12 inches using Quickdraw ™ Contours software to save the best fishing spots.

The rugged and lightweight device can support up to nine kilos. It has IPX6 and IPX7 water resistance and is prepared for long fishing days with a range of more than 10 hours. In addition, to optimize the battery, it turns on when the probe floats in water and turns off when you remove it.


+ Info: https://www.garmin.com

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