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New Mercury Racing 360 APX outboard motor. A powerful V8

New Mercury Racing 360 APX outboard motor.

A powerful V8

The new Mercury Racing 360 APX racing outboard is a powerful four-stroke V8 engine designed for boats competing in the UIM F1H2O World Championship.

360 APX is the first model in the new Apex series of Mercury Racing outboards, it will be available from the second half of summer 2020.

“360 APX will usher in a new era of performance for the premier class of yacht racing,” said Stuart Halley, general manager of Mercury Racing. “This is a long-life, low-emission four-stroke engine capable of outstanding performance and requiring much less maintenance than the two-stroke outboard currently used in the Formula 1 world powerboat championship.”

The Formula 1 motorboat championship is the main international series of coastal regattas, of single-seater boats within a circuit.
It brings together the most valued F1 motorboating teams in the world, competing against each other aboard tunnel-hull catamarans capable of tackling sharp turns at over 145 km / h and reaching top speeds of 225 km / h

“I am delighted to see Mercury Racing’s new low-emission racing outboard in action, designed to take on the most demanding competitions,” said Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, President of UIM.
“The engine, designed with the contribution of UIM and H2O Racing, significantly reduces exhaust emissions while at the same time boasting the qualities of speed and excitement that fans of the sport have come to expect from the premier class of circuit racing.

360 APX is derived from the Mercury Racing 300R, and integrates innovations such as the injection system, the center section and the tuning, as well as the new overdrive sprocket calibrated to allow the propeller shaft to reach 9600 rpm. The frame is completed by a digital control system that enables smooth and precise throttle management. 360 APX is paired with an upgraded version of the Mercury Racing Super Speed ​​Master (IV SSM) outboard foot. The overdrive pinion system is designed to support multiple gears on the foot, allowing teams to choose the most suitable gear for each race. The top rack and caps that close the driveshaft housing are made of a lightweight carbon fiber composite material.

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