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New Fusion Wake Tower Signature Series Speakers

New Fusion Wake Tower Signature Series Speakers

Garmin introduced the Wake Tower speaker series from Fusion Entertainment.

The Signature Series 3 offers a truly effective onboard audio entertainment experience, combined with the new color scheme developed to suit each boat with a unique and unmistakable style.

Sleek in design and LED lighting: the new Signature Series Wake Tower loudspeakers are the first to be equipped with internal lighting, which combines traditional colored LEDs to deliver a spectrum from classic to vibrant tones and create a personalized atmosphere aboard each vessel.

In addition, along with ‘CURV’ cone composite technology, providing higher sound definition and higher quality audio, Wake Tower loudspeakers incorporate the best audio materials and technologies, to deliver the impressive Fusion Signature sound.

The new series is available in a Sports White or Sports Chrome finish to perfectly match each boat.

Engineered to the True-Marine standard, the entire Signature speaker line has passed rigorous tests for rigidity and quality to ensure clear sound and quality entertainment in all conditions. With an IP65 rating, the speakers meet even the strictest industry standards, all backed by the renowned Fusion warranty.

Fusion Wake Tower Signature Series 3 loudspeakers are available at prices between € 650 and € 950, in the 6.5 ”, 7.7” and 8.8 ”sizes. All accessories are included for easy mounting and versatile onboard installation.

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