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Mercury Racing 360 APX, the new for competition

Mercury Racing 360 APX

The new for competition

The new competition outboard motor Mercury Racing 360 APX is a powerful four-stroke V8 designed specifically for the Formula 1 boats of the UIM F1H2O World Championship, it is the first model of the new series of Apex outboards.

“The 360 ​​APX will usher in a new era of performance for this class of premier boat racing,” said Stuart Halley, CEO of Mercury Racing. “This engine with a four-stroke engine block is durable and low-emission with incredible performance, and will also require much less maintenance than the two-stroke outboard currently used in the F1H2O World Championship.”

The competition of F1 teams that compete in tunnel-effect hull catamarans, turn the buoys at more than 145 km / h and exceed 225 km / h on straights.

This engine significantly reduces exhaust emissions while providing speed and excitement.

The 360 ​​APX has been built from the Mercury Racing 300R although the intake system, mid-section and calibration are new, as well as the transmission gear ratio, to achieve 9600 RPM on the propeller shaft, in addition of a digital government system

The 360 ​​APX uses an evolved version of the Mercury Racing transmission, the Super Speed ​​Master (IV SSM). It is designed to allow multiple gear ratios.
The upper case and transmission covers are made of a lightweight carbon fiber composite.


Source: https://www.mercuryracing.com/



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