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Martini 7.0 catamaran with revolutionary suspension technology

Servo Yachts presents the Martini 7.0 catamaran with revolutionary suspension technology to combat seasickness.

Designed by David Hall in conjunction with Shuttleworth Design, the Martini 7.0 incorporates a unique electric suspension system that connects the yacht’s superstructure to two dynamic hulls.

The stabilization technology reacts in real time to the movement of the sea, keeping the deck in a level position and absorbing the roll, pitch and roll induced by the ocean.

The design also results in less drag than traditional yachts, resulting in a remarkably efficient boat that is not only safe and comfortable, but also faster in difficult conditions.

The Martini 7.0 is a 165 foot catamaran with up to 12 feet of vertical travel on each hull. The result is a boat that can move at high speed through the ocean swell with virtually no movement on the suspended deck where the crew and guests are located.

“Growing up, I spent summers on my grandfather’s ship, where I developed a deep appreciation for sea travel. My grandfather, who was an engineer and scientist, encouraged my pursuit of invention and science, leading me to spend more 35 years in the field trying to combine the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical engineering to create solutions to problems we once thought were unsolvable. With the Martini 7.0, I believe we have found a way to solve motion sickness and significantly improve the sailing experience so everyone can enjoy traveling on the ocean. I’m very excited that Servo Yachts continues to push the boundaries of marine technology and transform ocean voyages. Ideas for better ways of doing things are always floating around, and it’s up to us to find a way to make that happen. ”

David Hall, founder of Servo Yachts

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