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Arctic Owl Elegant High Speed Explorer

Arctic Owl  Explorer

TheArctic Owl  Explorer is fast, light, has a shallow draft, is long-range with fantastic visibility, and features a helicopter hangar. The Artic Owl cruises at 16 knots for 6,000 miles and features bow and stern anchors. The draft is only 8 feet so shallow waters here we come.

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A dedicated garage has been designed to accommodate the U-Boat Worx NEMO submarine. The submarine’s easy launch and recovery system is Kozloff’s most recent invention. She also has a separate dedicated garage for the tenders, both port and starboard, resulting in an effortless launch and recovery system.

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She has two aft cranes to load and off-load research equipment, all-terrain vehicles, research specimens, and found treasure.

Even with her strong utilitarian features the Arctic Owl does not compromise in luxury and beauty. The prominent contours and extensive glazing of the yacht offers an unique interior space for an interior designer’s masterpiece.

The views are unrestricted almost anywhere on this explorer–from the view of the bow cockpit to the panoramic windows at the stern located over the hangar deck. One can easily see everything from the ocean to the night sky. The bridge has a near 360 degree circular view.

An enormous swimming pool and lounging area are located at the bow. Another Kozloff invention includes the automated hard cover that becomes a gazebo when the pool is in use. When the pool is not in use, the hard cover retracts to seal the pool which cancels the need to drain in rough conditions.

The Arctic Owl can accomidate up to 10 guests and 6 crew members. She features two master cabins with panoramic views, forward and aft, and has 4 additional rooms that can accommodate two guests each.

On the fly-bridge there is a generous size spa with an automated hard cover and lounging area. Located one deck below the fly-bridge aft is yet a third lounge area.

The Arctic Owl includes two free-fall lifeboats for crew and guests that will accommodate 8 people each.

The hangar has space for one helicopter which frees up the landing area for a guest helicopter.

… and this is all embodied in a 61 meter vessel–a true world-class explorer with all the luxury of any superyacht!

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