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Jet Capsule

With a concept closer to short-radius mobility, Jet Capsule was born.
At 7.5 meters in length in its smallest version, the interior of the Jet Capsule can be adapted to the needs of a passenger ship or a pleasure yacht, it is the future of luxury yachts.


The LX version, the largest in the family, is designed by the prestigious Italian studio Lazzarini and takes a revolutionary concept for the naval industry that adapts the interior according to the customer’s needs.

In this way, Jet Capsule is able to adopt a luxury scheme as if it were a private boat or another with 20 passenger seats.
It is made of 70% carbon and its windows have photochromic technology capable of adjusting the transparency depending on the light conditions outside.


In the most luxurious configuration for private use, Jet Capsule can equip a kitchen, bathroom and even the manufacturer with the possibility of installing beds. The entire interior is customizable down to the smallest detail as if it were a business plane. In the smallest version it has a length of 7.85 meters, a beam of 3.44 and a displacement of 3.58 tons.

Its 370 horsepower engine achieves a cruising speed of 23 knots and a maximum of 35 knots. The autonomy is 185 kilometers. Although it has important advantages such as the price of mooring in port. In its maximum capacity version, it can carry 12 passengers and a captain.

The second version, larger and designed by Lazzarini, grows in length and up to 20 seats plus the captain, and in a configuration with less density of seats, it can carry 16 passengers and a bathroom

In addition to a pair of combustion engines, the brand offers the possibility of installing a triple electric motor with a power of 450 kW. Thanks to them, a totally electric navigation is achieved up to 30 knots of speed.

The price of the LX version designed by Lazzarini starts at $ 500,000 with the possibility of reaching a million in the faster version.



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