Reverso Air: the folding sailboat that you build yourself



Reverso Air Folding and nesting dinghies aren’t a new concept, but ones designed and built with exceptional performance and high-tech construction are.”

Reverso Air

Among the difficulties of owning a boat is always transportation. Taking it to the water can be a challenging task, as can finding a place to store it when not in use.


Reverso Air has created a canister that fits in the back of your car and can be easily stowed away. The folding sailboat by design eliminates two of the main concerns that boat owners have.

Antoine Simon was looking for a way to have a sailboat in his life when he came up with the idea for a lightweight and transportable version. “As a passionate sailor, this is the boat he wanted as an end user. It is a boat that is efficient, that is sporty but super light, portable, easy to assemble and disassemble ”

The Reverse is disassembled into four parts that fit one inside the other.

When you get to where you plan to sail, just take all four parts out, arrange them in order, and then begin assembling using levers to join the parts together.

In a matter of three minutes, you will have an 11 foot long sailboat ready to go out on the water. When your day is done, simply reverse the process, load the boat back into your car.

“It is a boat that has been designed to last. It can be stored indoors in very good condition. It is a boat for several generations.”