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Pierpaolo Lazzarini air yacht concept

Pierpaolo Lazzarini launches zero emission air yacht

While long-distance air travel isn’t yet possible for fully electric mobility,  Pierpaolo Lazzarini think there is actually a solution to sailing the skies and oceans in the future emission-free Air yacht.

This latest breakthrough vessel The shape is a 150-meter-long container that can fly through the sky, propelled by 400.000 cubic meters (200.000 cubic meters per side) of helium.
The flying can reach a maximum speed of 60 knots, for more than 48 hours before it can land safely on the sea, thanks to its inflatable base.

150 meters long yacht flying in the sky and floating in the sea

Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s air yacht consists of two extended side airships with a total length of 150 meters and a width of 80 meters.

Each floating structure (20m x 20m x 150m) is subdivided into honeycomb areas (cells) ensuring hermetic isolation of each helium compartment.

Inside the airship, there are also compressed helium tanks that release the necessary amount to balance the plane.

The two airships are connected by four carbon bridges on each side, connecting the main central structure to two floating balloons. In the lower part, these floating structures contain an inflatable base to accommodate yachts floating on the water.

Lazzarini’s work also features eight 950-horsepower counter-rotating electric motors powered by ultra-light batteries and solar panels, allowing it to fly at high speeds. The entire structure is envisioned to be made entirely of dry carbon fiber.

The Sky Yacht is not designed for public transport or tourism purposes. Instead, it was designed to accommodate a forward-thinking private owner who sought to grow in the aviation world. In the central area of ​​the ship, there is a spacious living room and a dining area, with five suites for passengers on each side of the airship, and a special owner’s suite in the center with a 360° view.

The sky yachts  can be landed on the ground or in water.

The air yacht is pushed down while the engine is spinning, is decompressed with helium and its ballast anchor system stands on the water, and then sails quietly at 5 knots.

With 550.000.000 Euros, there will  to build the first Air Yacht on demand for the client.

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