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Garmin Surround View camera system


Garmin has announced the Garmin Surround View camera system, which is a breakthrough in video guidance for navigation.

It uses six helmet-mounted cameras that act as multiple pairs of eyes.

Garmin Surround View provides a live 360-degree bird’s eye view around the boat to help captains see the perimeter of the boat during maneuvers.

“Our innovative wraparound view brings the comforts and conveniences our customers rely on in their vehicles at the helm of their yacht to help captains see as much of their surroundings as possible to more easily maneuver in the water,” says Dan. Bartel, vice president of Garmin.

“Until now, no other marine camera technology has offered a true 360-degree bird’s-eye view, a vantage point that can help reduce the stress of docking and navigating in marinas, narrow carriageways, and busy waterways by providing the captains a live view of their surroundings ”.

The technology uses six 1080p cameras located around the boat: a forward-facing camera on the bow, a rear-facing camera on the stern, and two side-facing cameras on the port and starboard sides.

When the system is activated, it displays a stitched image from above with real-time 360-degree video views from around the boat to compatible Garmin chartplotters or multifunction helm displays (MFDs).

Designed to maximize visibility and minimize blind spots, captains can view one or two cameras simultaneously with the bird’s eye view and zoom in and out of an area of ​​interest from any of the individual camera views.

The surround view camera system also provides a host of augmented reality features for increased situational awareness and collision avoidance, including a visual bumper and distance markers.

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