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Furuno NavNet TZtouch 2 new software vs. 8.01

Furuno announced its new free software version 8.01 for the NavNet TZtouch 2 Multi Function Display series.

The new version of software v8.01 are for TZTL12F | TZTL15F and TZT2BB

New features available in TZT2 v.8.01

Fish-It / Drift-It ¡
The new version 2.01 of the software includes two amazing new features called Fish-It & Drift-It, which will allow you to catch more fish while saving time and fuel

Just click the point on the map where you want to fish to activate the Fish-It feature. The latter will allow you to automatically create a “Fishing Destination Point” that will automatically display the ring and the route bar.

A straight line between the ship’s position and the Fish-It point will indicate the heading and a Fish-It data bar will appear at the top of the screen from which the Drift-It function can be activated. This last very important function will automatically indicate the exact position from which to drift the boat to reach the desired fishing point. The user can select the desired Drift-It.

Improved handling of screenshots

Screenshots are saved as photos to internal memory or USB drive. The screenshot will remain visible on the map at the exact point where it was made and will be immediately displayed in full screen.

Fleet Tracking through TZ Cloud
Fleet Tracking allows you to share information about position, speed, points, routes, etc. via Internet. of the ship with the entire fleet or the continent.

Following Fleet Tracking Features in the MFD:

• Send / receive the position report from / to the fleet;
• Possibility of archiving and forwarding: in case of loss of connection, the position reports will be cached (saved locally) and then uploaded as soon as the Internet connection is reestablished (20,000 position reports can be archived during a maximum time of 7 days);
• Receiving user objects from the fleet (the MFD system does not support sending user objects).

TZ Ecosystem: New Anchor Watch Feature

Anchor Watch for the TZ ecosystem is now available in TZTL12F / 15F / 2BB v8.01. The Anchor Watch Alarm allows you to configure and monitor your position with respect to an anchor point: if your position is too far from the recorded point, an alert or alarm will be activated (also via SMS).

The Anchor Watch alarm can be sent to TimeZero Cloud (internet connection required) so you can monitor the boat remotely in any web browser.

The following additional functions are available in TZTL12F / 15F / 2BB v8.01:

• FUSION-LINK: The TZTL12F / 15F / 2BB v8.01 can be networked with Fusion Entertainment’s FUSION-Link stereos via NMEA2000;
• FLIR THERMAL CAMERAS: With the new version 8.01, the TZT2 MFDs can be networked with the FLIR M300 series thermal cameras and are compatible with the M232;
• DRS2D-NXT: The TZTL12F / 15F / 2BB v8.01 is compatible with the new DRS2D-NXT solid state Doppler radome antenna.

Features available only in TZT2BB v8.01

PBG: creating custom bathymetric maps
The PBG allows, by interacting with the Multi-Beam DFF-3D sonar, to create custom depth maps of the seafloor. These charts will be stored locally on the TZT2BB.

Integration with third-party devices
The new NavNet MFD TZT2BB v8.01 will be compatible with third-party marine applications, which can be controlled via an HTML browser on the TZT2BB.


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