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EXPLORER 62 by Centrostiledesign

EXPLORER 62 by Centrostiledesign

Davide Cipriani, one of the most successful Italian yacht designers, has designed the new Explorer 62, a motor yacht from the Explorer Yachts range.

The development of the Explorer 62 project was based on the study and remembrance of majestic canons that defined the exterior design. You can see the marked grandeur of the bow and the prominent integrated bulwark that helps balance and harmonize the bow sections of the yacht.
In the Explorer 62 it is possible to distinguish two large volumes thanks to the upper diamond profile, which runs through and characterizes the entire line, while the underlying containment frieze of the large side windows, confers three-dimensionality and richness to the sides, giving great stylistic personality to the boat, and at the same time shine to the interiors.

All design options are based on the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, also favoring the habitability of external environments and offering a solution of continuity with the internal ones.

The design of the interior and exterior layout of the Explorer 62 was aimed at making the yacht more versatile than ever. The great availability of internal space and the possibility of making the most of it, have given way to the creation of a rest area, which extends along the lower deck, comparable to that of a larger ship, by the number of beds available. and by the immensity of the surroundings. Emblematic in this sense is the owner’s cabin that makes the most of the maximum beam of the hull, in the middle of the boat.

The VIP cabin is in the far bow, equipped with a central double bed, double wardrobe and a comfortable en suite bathroom. In addition to the third cabin dedicated to guests, with beds together

The great conviviality that characterizes the interiors is highlighted by the choice of placing the galley on the bow of the main deck, next to the internal command post, which is to starboard, and adjacent to the great room, 30 square meters.

The cabin is also a boat of superior rank, where we wanted to emphasize the leitmotiv of versatility using a freestanding furniture solution, with sofas and accessories that can be moved and arranged at will.

The flybridge of the Explorer 62 confirms that it is a yacht to be experienced, even in the open air. Without a doubt, it is worth highlighting the presence of a kitchen cabinet designed and manufactured ad hoc, with a raised top that, thanks to a special mechanism, extends its use with a possible conversion to a bar countertop. The furniture highlights the presence of hammocks dedicated to sunbathing and a refined sofa upholstered in fabric and leather.
The outer wheelhouse, as well as the inner bridge, have been designed in every detail, finished with refined materials and light sources, to be unique.

The strong aesthetic personality conferred by the tall, straight bow is part of a naval project specially made for the Explorer 62, aimed at maximizing the length of the hull, while providing protection against the wave, to ensure a safe hull and sustained performance. even in rough sea conditions.

In terms of technology, it is undoubtedly worth mentioning the presence on board of the innovative AFS, Advanced Full Stability, a single management system that guarantees simultaneous control of the installed stabilization and trim systems: anti-roll and auto-trim. This solution not only makes the boat absolutely user-friendly, easily maneuvered even by a non-professional captain, but significantly increases the pleasure of sailing, offering a more comfortable, safe and economical cruising experience.
Thanks to low fuel consumption and a fuel reserve of 3,000 liters, the Explorer 62 is the ideal boat for long cruises in the Mediterranean, being able to guarantee up to 500 miles of autonomy. This peculiarity, backed by the great availability of space reserved for the kitchen, is able to guarantee stays away from the ports even beyond a month.



Length: 18.54 meters

Hull length: 17.00 meters

Maximum beam: 5.20 meters

Draft: 1.40 meters

Displacement: 30 tons

Engine: 2 x Volvo IPS 800 – Power: 2 x 625 CV

Maximum speed: 24 kN

Cruising speed 18 kN

Fuel reserve: 3,000 liters

Water reserve: 1,000 liters

Range at cruising speed: 500 miles

Generator: Onan 22.5 kW

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