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MAMBO: the world’s first yacht printed in 3D.

MAMBO: the world’s first fiberglass yacht printed in 3D.

MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat) is the world’s first fiberglass yacht designed and printed in 3D, a spectacular project by Moi Composites, an avant-garde and technological firm with extensive experience in 3D printing.

This spectacular yacht, MAMBO, was conceived with the idea of ​​being printed, that is why its design was elaborated digitally, so that the robots that were to print it could have the generative algorithms that would allow them to turn that design into reality, in a cruise of luxury day, the first 3D printed fiberglass yacht.

MAMBO is six and a half meters long and its width exceeds two meters, it weighs 800 kilos, its floor is made of cork, its seats are leather and it is equipped with a navigation system and a 115 hp engine.

The design and printing of this yacht has not been done in a single place but part of the pieces were printed at the headquarters of Moi Composites in Milan and another part in that of its partner Autodesk in Birmingham; Once all the necessary pieces were obtained, they were joined and laminated in the Catmarine shipyard, a place where the most modern design and the work of robot-guided printers converged with that of artisans of the sea.

Now Moi Composites is in the middle of the marketing and publicity process presenting its wonderful yacht, to receive orders from customers who want a 3D printed yacht.

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