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Feadship reveals the concept of the ESCAPE 110 meter superyacht.

Feadship reveals the concept of the ESCAPE 110-meter superyacht.

Dutch shipyard Feadship has revealed a 110-meter superyacht design called ESCAPE

The concept was featured in the fourth episode of Feadship Unveils, a YouTube series in which the shipyard reviews designs that were never built.

Escape was designed during the shipyard’s 2014 three-day racers course, in which the attending racers challenged the shipyard to design a yacht for “a very outgoing client.”

The fictitious potential owner was described as an “environmentally conscious rock star” who wants a “yacht that can get away from it all but also escape her own boat from a submarine.”

Key features include 700 square meters of external solar cells, a greenhouse, an ocean room and a “moon pool.”

Feadship CEO Jan-Bart Verkuyl described Escape as a “forward thinking design.”


The atrium


Senior designer Ruud Bakker added: “It is a fairly large boat but very low and elegant, with many surfaces for solar panels.”

He pointed to the “huge atrium” that runs the length of the ship’s decks as a prominent feature. Located in the middle of the boat, the atrium faces the lunar pool, which allows sea water to enter the boat.

The GreenHouse

Bakker explained: “You can dive there and swim out of the boat. You can close it up and have it as a kid-safe pool or you can launch your submersible there. ”

Elsewhere, the Escape Arch stores a personal drone under hatches that open. Once opened, the owner can use the drone to explore the air or the sea.



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